Sunday, August 26, 2018

A brand new Beatcroft Social

Here's a brand new Beatcroft Social (25 August) featuring the debut of Clive's Collection - a regular weekly feature with legendary Lerwick record shop owner Clive Munro choosing three favourite tracks.

Oh, and also a link to the page belonging to faithful companion Zetdogg, which includes the show and a brand new diatribe about 'cruisists', whoever they are.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The latest Beatcroft Social show and some hitherto unseen pictures!

Here's the Mixcloud player for the Beatcroft Social from 4 August 2018 - and some pictures from round and about, taken this morning (early Sunday 5 August) on my 2004 Fujifilm E550 compact camera (6.3 megapixels, as you're asking). Old CCD digicams are capable of amazing results.

The badge on my hat, by the way celebrates the excellent band Aberfeldy and the Sandy Wright song they used to perform about the late, great Tom Weir. In case you were wondering.