Sunday, October 18, 2020

The Beatcroft Social 17 October 2020


AC/DC        Shot in the Dark

Mark Knopfler, Ruth Moody         Wherever I Go

Duffy            Whole Lot of Love

Biffy Clyro        Space

Dawes       Who Do You think You’re Talking To?

Sunset Gun         Be Thankful for What You’ve Got

Todd Rundgren         Down with the Ship

Marvin Gaye         What’s Going On

Otis Redding         A Change is Gonna Come

Mavis Staples       The Weight

Kenny Vass            Railway Girl

Old 97s        Diamonds on Neptune

10CC         Old Wild Men

Mott the Hoople        All the Young Dudes

Doc Watson Family        Your Long Journey

Blind Faith          Can’t Find My Way Home

Bob Dylan      Goodbye Jimmy Reed

Shakin’ Pyramids       Hellbent on Rockin’

Al Fleming         Grey Granite

Kate Mackenzie     I Get the Blues When It Rains

Dougie Maclean     All Who Wander

James McMurtry     Restless

Midnight Oil          Gadigal Land

Jackson Browne          Downhill from Here

Robert Plant and Patti Griffin       Too Much Alike

Swamp Dogg           Good, Better, Best

Demi Lovado           Commander in Chief

Friday, October 16, 2020

Sober photography with an £18 camera.

 Four weeks aff it. Two of Sober October (unwillin’ to support Macmillan, but that’s a whole other story) and two of half-remembered September. Beery instincts appeased by a host of zeroholic brews from Beerhawk, Brewdog and a visit to the excellent Hidden Dram in Glasgow. And speaking of whisky, journalistic duties regarding tasting the cratur are being done via sniffing, micro-swilling and spitting. As in fact quite a few teetotal industry professionals do. Don’t tell anyone.

I’m sleeping better, when not disturbed by this old house’s rampaging mice. Eating (a lot) more chocolate and those deliberately addictive Swedish cinnamon biscuits you can only get in IKEA (and after consumption of which you find yourself mysteriously ordering van loads of meatballs, bunk beds, pickled herring, Poang chairs and tealights).

Two weeks to go until The Return of Duvel, and frankly I don’t feel any sense of deprivation. Harviestoun Wheesht  and Rothaus Tannenz├Ąpfle are the best of the booze substitutes, though all three Brewdog non-alcs are pretty good. I really despise these so-called alcohol free spirits we’re being flogged at full, excise bound prices. Almost as much as I hate 90 per cent of all known fully electric gins. Energy? Maybe I have a little more. Blood pressure still too high. Better take some exercise.

So today I had a wee walk with Dexter the ADHD dog. And here are some pictures. These were taken with a Canon IXUS 155 compact I got off eBay for £18, with 8gb memory card. It has a monochrome setting which I thought might be interesting. Of course, it helps having Eshaness and indeed the entire Shetland Islands to wander around. 

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Get well soon, Donald John

Get Well Soon, Donald John

Get Well soon, Donald John
Might have been an idea to keep that mask on
Don't worry about being impeached
At least you'll get a chance to try out the bleach

Melania's in quarantine too
It's very unlikely she got it from you
At least you didn't give it to Joe
They're flying in hydrooxycholoroquine from Moscow

Get well soon  Donald John
I hope you're hearty and I hope you're hale
Get well soon Donald John
You'll have to be healthy to get by  in jail

Now you've  got  time to look back
And properly calculate your income tax
You can pray God will give you a break
But God knows the news about your faith is fake

Get Well soon Donald John
With your nylon hair and your cashmere coat
Get well soon Donald John
Remember you can always get a postal vote
Unless of course this is some kind of con
Get well soon Donald John

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Stuck Inside Murano Street With the Lockdown Blues Again

(For all the Glasgow University students quarantined in the Murano Street Student Village)

The rats along the Forth and Clyde Canal
At least they can go swimming with their friends
I gaze from my window out at Maryhill
And wait for my quarantine to end

I have 22 Pot Noodles in the kitchen
Sweet and Sour, Brazilian Barbecue
From Friday through to Sunday it’s McDonalds
We’ve all got discounts  on Deliveroo

And I pray that Princess Nicola will someday set us free
If you want to test a vaccine stick a needle into me
The university say 
They won’t refund our rent
I’m Stuck Inside Murano Street
With the Lockdown Blues Again

I’m sharing with two guys from South Korea
One from Singapore and one from Stornoway
Joe the civil engineer is back in Saltcoats
He was kidnapped by his Auntie yesterday


Thousands of us here now have been afflicted 
It’s not as if this could have been predicted

Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Beatcroft Social, 19 September 2020


Saturday night's show from Shetland, available on Mixcloud here.

Semisonic                  The Basement Tapes

Rolling Stones            Scarlet

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings                  Signed Sealed Delivered

Pretenders                        I Don’t Want to be this Lonely

Oggy Why                          Hunger

Maria Muldaur                  Midnight at the Oasis

Lord Stornoway                      Don’t Worry

Gillian Welch                      Wouldn’t Be so Bad

Reckless Kelly                     I Only See You with My Eyes Closed

Jimi Hendrix                        Voodoo Chile

Janis Joplin                         Me and Bobby McGee

The Doors                            Changeling

Dave Edmunds                     I Hear You Knocking

The Monkees                          Me and Magdalena

Lucinda Williams                   When the Way Gets Dark

Soul Children                         Don’t Take My Kindness for Weakness

Mad Lads                              Make this Young Lady Mine

The Temprees                        Come and Get Your Love

Gladys Knight and the Pips            Who is She (and what is She to You)

Valerie June                            Workin’ Woman Blues

REM                      What’s the Frequency Kenneth

Terry Allen                             Abandonitis

Gretchen Peters                    Wish I Was

Chuck Prophet                       Fast Kid

Porridge Radio                       Seven Seconds

Elvis Perkins                          See Monkey

Kinks                                       Big Sky

Eels                                         Are We alright

Lord Stornoway                      No Vacancies