Friday, December 17, 2004


So, this is my last day in Aberdeen, indeed on the British mainland, before Christmas. Tonight I get the NorthLink ferry back to Shetland, the Citroen Berlingo so overloaded with stuff from Ikea, Asda, Sainsbury's and a dozen other shops it's a miracle the wheels are still clearing the chassis.
It's been a long week away...Clydebank, Glasgow, Helensburgh and Aberdeen, and a peculiar experience with the service flat I normally rent when in Castle Greyskull...I'm fairly certain the gas boiler was faulty. Despite sobriety in the extreme, I was waking up horribly groggy, with thumping headaches that continued all day. Ended up sleeping with the windows open. In the depths of an Aberdonian winter.
Amazing deals on drink; worryingly good: In Asda last night (or should I say Walmart? Should I even be shopping at Walmart?) you could get two cases of beer (24 bottles of Miller, Becks, Stella etc) for £20. That's soft drink prices. Dangerous.
Anyway, the forecast for yesterday was horrendous, and then the weather turned out fairly OK. Tonight is looking lovely, but I am packing loads of Phenergan, the ultimate anti-seasickness pill. We shall see.
Oh, and thanks to all the folk who have logged on here via the bbc site It's great to know you're listening all over the world.

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