Monday, September 19, 2005

Loch Lomond by bicycle

Arrival: A well-deserved break, having reached Loch Lomond on a Sunday jaunt from Glasgow aboard a slightly-too-small bike. This is taken from the balcony at the Loch Lomond Shores centre, which is a pretty stupid name for a naggingly disappointing development. A Jenners store on the West of Scotland? Hmm...the steamer Maid of the Loch, still not fully restored, is visible right of centre.
It took me about three hours cycling the 20-odd miles from Glasgow city centre, cycle path most (but not all) of the way. Some dodgy bits, notably Vale of Leven and Dumbarton. On the whole, though, it was a delight. More pictures of the route below... Posted by Picasa

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Gordon said...

I'll ignore the comment spam..

I'd suggest that Renton is the dodgiest bit of the journey, but then I got jumped there once whilst fishing..

As for Lomond Shores it's better than nowt if you ask me, but yes it could be so much better. Life in the West of Scotland eh...

Did you go up the tower?