Monday, April 17, 2006

Smoking in a Hurricane: A new song dedicated to all the unregenerate smokers who huddle in clutches outside our fume-free Caledonian hostelries...

"I smoked Capstan Full-Strength, just like every child...
Now I'm pushing 50, I smoke Silk Cut Extra Mild
I've rolled Golden Virginia, Old Holborn and Drum
Until my fingers turned yellow
And my lips went numb...

Now I'm smoking in a hurricane..."

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Jim said...

Funnily enough I did exactly the same thing in 1977 in Shetland - several times. Have you ever tried smoking a capstan under the following circumstances:

In a force 11 on deck of St. Clair, just in sight of Fair Isle ?

Approaching Foula on the ferryboat caught in a humungous swell ?

On the ferry to Papa Stour, whiulst your companion is throwing up over your oilskin ?

On top of Ronas Hill just as the Northern Lights are flickering ?

I've given up now, but still remember the agony and ecstacy, and that was just the withdrawal symptoms !

I was up in Shetland in 1975, 76,77,78,79,80,81, and 1993. I will return some day to my ancestral lands.

Have a great day.


Tom Morton said...

All very familiar Paul. Gone are the days of ash setting fire to waxed cotton jackets (no waxed cotton, no cigarettes). See you at Muckle Flugga one of these days...