Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Late nights and a concert for Sakchai

Into the second week of broadcasting into the wee sma' hours and I'm taking the siesta option, which I see is now being punted as the best way to a more productive life. Last week, Susan and the children tiptoed about in the morning, leaving me to surface, somewhat groggily, after they had gone to work and school. Or, in the case of Magnus, had continued to snooze into the late afternoon. Students!
I've decided it's best to just get up at 7.00 am as usual, cope with the day as best I can, and have a wee doze around 3.30pm. This has so far lasted on average an hour, which takes a bit of waking up from. Still, vitamins and coffee and by 10.30 I'm fairly perky. By the way, forget the midnight phone calls to my house, please, those in search of on-air dedications. The Radiocroft is elsewhere and my wife was not amused.
Last night saw a wee practice with Brian Nicholson in advance of tonight's Concert For Sakchai in nearby Brae. This a school event in support of the young Thai man who was so horrifically snatched from his home in Shetland by the forces of injustice and disorder. Sakchai went to Brae High School, and this event, at which staff, pupils, parents and former pupils will perform, is to show solidarity and raise money to fight any further attempts at deportation. My son James, bass player (and indeed, the 'two') in the Tom Morton Two, is going into fourth year at Brae, and Brian, one of the organisers, is an old musical compadre. I'm really looking forward to it.

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