Sunday, July 01, 2007

Glasgow Airport , Houston,and an absence of broadband

Still no broadband, despite upgrading to unlimited downloads on Saturday. Account has been suspended due to breaching of download limit, the result of having three games-playing weans at home for the summer. See today's Sunday Post for more.

And all this just when it would have been good to surf'n'listen'n'YouTube about what has been going on (and still is) in and around Glasgow Airport. Houston, where a house is currently sealed off and being searched by police, has a great wee pub/music venue where we looked at doing a TM roadshow. It'll be hoaching with hacks even as I write.

Just seen some telly coverage of the queuing at the airport...hell's teeth! It'd be off to Arran for me.

A wee word of congratulations to the pupils of Brae High School (oor Jimbo among them) who put on a stunning presentation of Broadway show songs last night doe the Pancreatic Cancer Care charity. It was superb. Grease, truly is the word...

Meanwhile, it the killer social application, or just another way of wasting time. Dunno but here goes...

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