Friday, June 20, 2008

Live TM Show at Flavour of Shetland/Johnsmas Foy featuring Edwyn Collins

Absolutely knackered after today's show, which went really well, I think, apart from a two-minute hiatus when we apparently fell off air (not that we knew anything about it, as it wisnae oor fault!). Well done to Jenny, Fiona, Ian and Ken from the BBC team. They came up on the ferry overnight, arriving today, and are back on the boat tonight. That's above and beyond the call of duty.
Big thanks and congrats too to Kollifirbolli (pictured), Edwyn, Roddy and Andy (not forgetting Grace), Sheila Henderson, Mike and all the Shetland technical staff, Rick, Anita, Alistair, Nicola and Stefan, as well as everyone else at Flavour of Shetland and the Johnsmas Foy. You can hear the show on iPlayer or Listen Again at or for seven days after broadcast.

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