Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coming down the Eiffel tower stairs: not recommended if you suffer from vertigo

Arrived in London after a disappointingly 70s and rather grimy trip on the First Scotrail sleeper ('I'm sorry - we've only got on cafetiere and it's in use'). The rolling stock is a disgrace, though the staff did their best. Still, Once at St Pancras, everything became really easy. Loads of interesting cafes for breakfast (try Paul or Le Pain Quotidien, both French)and then Susan and Martha went off with Susan's sister Jane for a frenzied morning's shopping. I wandered about the British Library and the three wonderful squares on the way to the British Museum (Russell, Tavistock and Bloomsbury) checked out some vintage camera shops and dozed on park benches.

The Eurostar was easy, fast, reliable and comfortable. Swoosh, we're in Paris, two and a half hours. Easy taxi ride to the hotel, Le Grand Hotel Des Gobelins in the 13th Arrondisement. Very good. Metro to the Eiffel Tower, vertigo, great Italian food and a view of the tower from the window. Not bad.


Nairn said...

So thats where you are... and here's me starting a spot of DIY.
Morning spent mooching around the garden and on the internet. The serious task of decorating the hallway started this afternoon post a wee spot of lunch.
Collected brushes, paint, dust sheets, new ladder (Light weight aluminium to replace age old heavy wooden affair), made a cup of tea, switched on Radio Scotland at two but you're no there.
Some wifie called Bramble that rambles but no in that nice gentle way that Mr Morton does. I bet she doesn't even have a beard.
Well that Tom is ma day/week ruined
No gentle chuckles as I apply the paint, no cleaning ma hands to email you something for your show.
The wife is due in any minute and will be wondering as to why progress is slower than usual. I don't think she will be happy with 'no Tom on the radio' as an excuse.
Please publish your holiday calendar so listeners can plan their lives around yours!



In a not very sunny Nairn

obanclipper said...

.... not to mention that p.i.t.a. tlulu. Had to switch off ....