Thursday, November 12, 2009

After a very early rise (hence bags under eyes, really) a walk in the cool grey air of Lerwick, before the show

I got one of those wee Flip video cameras, and this is my first, very rough, attempt at video blogging. This is the walk from the Victoria Pier in Lerwick, Shetland, to the BBC Radio Shetland studio whence the TM show emanates...any variation between this and my 'official' BBC picture is a compliance matter and has been referred to the proper authorities...


Alistair said...

Hi Tom,

This may be one of those occasions where ' in theory practice will make perfect but in practice theory may not work' comments come to the fore. I felt a bit drunk to be honest { which is fine and reassuringly cheap} while watching this but still enjoyed it even though those bags under the eyes do need some work as you say if your not to look like you are still seriously researching the cratur. Of course a later start may be just the thang right enough.

On a more serious note you did some real heavy breathing and if you ever phone my wife again I now know where you work......

Nah, stick with it. Could be fun in the end {the filming that is}

Anonymous said...


Thanks for doing this video thing. Having just moved to Lerwick 3 weeks ago from the big smoke i have been posting numerous photos and blogs on facebook to family and friends in Weegie land showing where i live. They are convinced that i am a paid up member of Visit Scotland (Sorry, Promote Shetland) due to the amount of invites i am sending out to people. Your video does two things, one it makes real for people where i live as i am in one of the lanes and shows my mother that no matter what she does she will not manage getting up and down the lanes unaided. If the panting and puffing was genuine, poor you, if not THANKS!

Nairn said...

Hmm... not too sure about that beard now it can be seen so close, shades of Oliver Reed especially with the early morning bags :(
You'll look ten years younger when the razor comes out!
Great camera though and thanks for the mini guided tour to the BBC studios through Lerwick. Glad you made it up that steep hill, I was getting quite out of breath just watching!


Damp Nairn but not too cold