Sunday, January 12, 2014

Days 'atween wadders' (between weathers). Some Shetland pictures

I've taken, most mornings, to wandering at least part of the way along the coastline of the Hillswick Ness, which is right by our house. The complete circuit, which takes between two and three hours, is one of the great Shetland walks (stunning cliffs, beaches, sea stacks, caves, seabirds, seals, otters (if you're lucky) and more), and access is now easy and complete, with stiles and gates all the way.

To the Ness of Hillswick!
We've had some strange and very calm weather these last few days (sunspot activity? Maybe) and some of these pictures reflect that. The foggy ones and the sunset were taken  on Friday, and the gate (the first one I come to on the Ness) this morning. 'Atween Wadders' is a Shetland way of describing the periods of calm you get between 'proper' weather. Storms on the way? We shall see. Meanwhile, it's a case of enjoying what you can, when you can.

Mist lying at the head of Ronas Voe

Sunset over Ura Firth, looking towards the Ness of Hillswick

Mist on Ronas Hill

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