Monday, February 10, 2014

First song from childrens' show 'Really Disgusting Songs Your Parents Don't Want You To Sing'

Years ago, when caravan and camping holidays and long, long motorway drives were compulsory in the Morton family, disgusting and horrible in-car songs provided some distraction. Who can forget 'Diarrhoea (I Feel It Near)' or 'I Need To Go To The Toilet', 'Knutsford City Limits', 'Whulks' 'I Am A Horse' and many more?

I've long thought about a children's show which would include messy, horrible songs, many about poo. Parents would hate it, probably. I suspect the bairns would love it.

Anyway, here's a first example of a singalong, jaunty little number about dog excrement. It's educational. And based on actual events. Yes, we do have a dog whose name is Lulu.

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