Monday, July 07, 2014

New Scotland (The Camper Van song)

A camper van called Scotland

I bought a camper van on eBay
I was a wee bit nervous
The guy said he’d got it from
The St John’s Ambulance Service
He’d fitted it with a double bed
And a woodburning stove
When I got of the train in Preston to pick it up
I just fell in love
Two hundred thousand miles
It had independent suspension
Ran out of fuel on the Great North Road
I wasn’t paying attention
When the guy said it was thirsty
I thought he meant he liked a drink
Not 10 miles to the gallon
I guess I just didn’t think

I called it Scotland
My beloved Scotland
It’ll take me everywhere I want to roam
Scotland, my beloved Scotland
Don’t ever tell me Scotland’s not my home

I got a tow to a caravan site
I lit the stove and settled down
It was somewhere in Northumbria
I drank  my first can of Newcastle Brown
I found I quite enjoyed the place
The folk seemed just the same
I met a girl from Penrith called Tracy
MacMillan was her middle name

That was fifteen years ago
I’ve hardly been north since
I even found a chip shop
Sells Morton’s Rolls with mince
Sometimes I go to Peebles
That’s just like Edinburgh only wee
I suppose I live in England
It’s all Scotland to me

Copyright Scar Quilse 2014

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