Sunday, February 08, 2015

Rottie's Visit (from The Ballads of Rug and Dexter)

Rottie’s visit

A Rottweiler came to call today
He seemed considerably dismayed
To find Dexter and indeed, myself
In almost the very best of health
Were it not for that cod’s roe we ate
That left us in an awful state
Of real digestive disrepair
And a pungency that filled the air.

Still, he came, with his owner, Jeff
Delivered a package, then they left
And Rottweilers, by reputation
Can cause considerable vexation
So myself and Dexter, quite perturbed
Both made ourselves quite loudly heard
And pressed our noses to the glass
Determined not to let him pass

His name was Rottie, by the way
And I heard Jeff say he liked to play
That he was really friendly, cheerful
And gentle, prone to getting tearful
If confronted by a cat
Though frankly, I don’t believe that
Still, he seemed to be quite calm
Despite Dexter’s and my, alarm

And now he’s gone. Back to his home
Lying there, he’s all alone
I wonder if he feels rejected
Munching a Kong Ball, quite dejected
Longing, perhaps for company
A friendly romp with Dex and me
Or maybe his thoughts are dark and baleful
With Rottweilers, you can’t be too careful

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Red Squirrel@croftnuisk said...

I knew that cod's roe concoction was bad for the digestion!!