Sunday, July 03, 2016

Greece, But A Little Colder -

A poem inspired by newspaper reports stating the Centre for Policy Studies think tank had issued a warning that an independent Scotland within Europe would be like 'Greece, without the sun'.

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We have philosophers here, we think things through
Adam Smith and David Hume, Chic Murray & Duns Scotus too
There are poets, Walter Scott, The Ettrick Shepherd, Robert Burns
And there’s reasonable scenery everywhere you turn
We could have it all, if we were a little bolder
We could be like Greece
Just a little colder

Our archaeology is truly quite historic
Every time I go to Largs I feel quite euphoric
Because that’s where we beat the vikings, chased them back to Norway
Though it might’ve been better if we’d let them stay
Eating puffins, hunting whales - think of the fun!
Better than Greece
With or without the sun

I mean, what do the Greeks have? Ouzo? We’ve got whisky
Maybe the price of oil makes things seems  a bit risky
Greek men wear dresses when they dance - but they’re much frillier than ours
And I never liked that awful Corries Song, the one about the flowers
Every time I hear bagpipes, my braincells wither
But we can be like Greece
Without the zithers

The Greeks have yoghurt, honey and some good red wine
You’d have to admit their culture, on the whole, has stood the test of time
I’ll take Zorba and Nana Mouskouri any old day
They’ve got to be better than Michael Gove and Theresa May
So come on Nicola, time to crunch the data
We can be like Greece
With oatmeal taramasalata

We can be like Greece

Mince not moussaka

Copyright Tom Morton 2016. All rights reserved

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