Friday, January 27, 2017

Theresa may...

Theresa may
Theresa might
Come for dinner
And spend the night
Perhaps she said she loved you
But will she change her mind?
Theresa may
She could be up for a bit of slap
And tickle
But she's already proved herself
A little fickle
She used to like a croissant, and a glass of
Pays d'Oc
Now she stuffs herself with
Cheeseburgers and Coke
And she says 'sheet' instead of 'shite'
Theresa may, Theresa might
Prove trustworthy and
But then again
Theresa mightn't

1 comment:

Alistair said...

Wonderful. Playful and with a delightfully light touch. Loved it. Cheers for brightening up a long dreary Sunday!