Saturday, July 01, 2017

The Beatcroft Social on Mixcloud, 1st July 2017. Complete with not very subtle book plugging!

Welcome back!

Well, here we go again. No Saturday night drives to Lerwick, enjoyable badinage with Iain, Andy and Bo, or fabulous webcam coverage from around Shetland's wondrous coastline. It's an audio-only Beatcroft Social from Quidawick in Ramnavine. Great music, slightly less interactivity. And some photographs from the Attic of Obscurities here at The Last Bookshop. Have a browse if you like. See you - or to be precise, hear me - next week. Same time, same place.

New batch in - signed copies available!
Did I mention the signed books? The artwork? The rare stuff? I did? OK, I'll shut up. Oh, except I forgot to mention the arrival of a new batch of A Whisky in Monsterville. With glossy cover. Signed copies available! You can get stuff from Amazon (click on the cover link on the sidebar) or signed and customised copies, plus all the arty stuff, on Etsy, HERE.
The new book - signed and dedicated to your specifications!
Warren Zevon: Lawyers Guns and Money
Primevals: I Got Strong
Dahlmanns: The Last Time
Mickey Jupp: Politics
Rockpile: Play That Fast Thing One More Time
Jackson Browne: For a Dancer
Crosby Stills and Nash: Helplessly Hoping
Manic Street Preachers/Nina Persson: Your Love Alone is Not Enough
Gloria Jones: Tainted Love
Dells: Run for Cover
John Hiatt: Have a Little Faith in Me
The Killers: The Man
Blue Oyster Cult: Cities on Flame with Rock'n'Roll
Carol and the Treats: It's Cool to Rock
Records Are Like Life
Starry Eyed and Laughing: Chimes of Freedom
The Records: Starry Eyes
Kursaal Flyers: Cruising for Love
Eggs Over Easy: I'm Gonna Put a Bar in the Back of My Car
Inmates: Dirty Water
Legendary Hearts: Make a Home
Kodaline: Brother
The Attic of Obscurities...

Suzy Y Los Quattro: Dance the Night Away
Tony Clarke: Landslide
Clarence Carter: Do What you Gotta do
Contours: Baby Hit and Run
Lorde: Sober
Bettye Lavette: It Don't Come Easy
Thea Gilmore: Another Damn Love Song
Alison Moorer and Shelby Lynne: Not Dark Yet
Bob Dylan: Mississippi
Roddy Frame: Postcard
Orange Juice: Blue Boy
...and the view from the Attic of Obscurities


johnc1950 said...

Music excellent but your vocals need to be at similar level , don't trust the VU meter,turn that mic up to 11,you know it makes sense ������

Tom Morton said...

Just discovered a peak limiter in my Audio Hijack software which should prevent the distortion I was trying to avoid...

johnc1950 said...

Maybe you're missing that wonderful Shure mic from the museum of lost audio😀