Friday, August 11, 2017

The Beatcroft Social, 12 August 2017 - From Glen Campbell to Superchunk, via The Saints and Greta Van Fleet. And Led Zeppelin of course...

It's been a hard but satisfying week, writing 30,000 words of a food book I'm collaborating on with my son James. Morning until night, writing in the same way I wrote Spirit of Adventure, Going Home and Red Guitars in Heaven. Is it any good? Time, James and our editors will tell. I think I get better the faster I go and the more I do, but that's the old hack in me talking.

So I haven't been out much, or taking in much new music or media. It was impossible to miss though, the outpouring of affection and sense of loss that accompanied the death of Glen Campbell. The Rolling Stone obituary was insightful, I thought, in quoting Tom Petty to the effect that Campbell was never cool, and you had to work a bit to get beyond the mom'n'pop right wing appeal - a point raised by my friend Audrey Gillan on social media. This after all, was the guy who, when he first met his lifelong friend and songwriting inspiration Jimmy Webb, said sternly: "Get your hair cut!"

Anyway, here's this week's Beatcroft Social. Thanks for the feedback last week re Patreon, and the offers of support. I think I'll just bash on in my amateurish way for the moment, until I run out money. There will be more stuff for sale via The Last Bookshop and this site, though, and of course there are always the books on Amazon, Etsy and at The Shetland Times. Cheers! That's about the size of it for this week...see you next week! and of course on Twitter @thebeatcroft or

Here's the playlist. If you have Spotify, you can of course listen without hearing me talk...


Unknown said...

A great way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon!
Top playlist!
Keep 'em coming Tom. :)

Unknown said...

A great way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon!
Top playlist.
Keep 'em coming Tom! :)

Unknown said...


My wife and I stayed a couple of nights at the Loch Maree Hotel on our honeymoon back in 2004. From the story you linked in the Helensburgh paper, most of the hotel guests died so we must have stayed in one of the rooms occupied by the unfortunately pate consumers.

Still living in Crail; happy to have left our poor US of A to struggle in the bed it has made for itself.