Thursday, January 21, 2021

Give Me the Jag (Not the Jab)

Give Me The Jag

I'll walk ten miles and I'll walk ten more

At two in the morning, or three or four

I don't believe it's going to do me any harm

So come on, stick that needle in my arm

Some of my friends say they're not so sure

Some pop star said that it’s impure

They smoke their tobacco and their Afghan weed

Spent their 20s off their faces on bathtub speed

I don't care if it's sore

I had the BCG 

From a drunk school nurse, but I didn’t get TB

I've had  penicillin, yellow fever, tetanus too

Been injected till my arms were black and blue

Stop waving those flags

Just give me the jag

Guy had the Pfizer, said it was great

Spent two whole days doing Windows updates

I'm going for Astra Zeneca, I'll tell you why

I've always been an Apple Mac kind of guy

Really I don't care, I'll take what I get

And you will too, I'm willing to bet

Sick of living in a World of Warcraft and Doom

I'm sick of Facetime and I'm sick of Zoom


And if I see you with a mask hanging round your neck again

I got a Supersoaker full of Tabasco and pakora sauce my friend

Give me the jag

That’s J A G

I don’t want no J A B

Give me the jag

Copyright Tom Morton 2021

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