Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Pilot show: Tom Morton's Bought, Begged and Stolen

This is the one-hour (well, 50 minutes) pilot for my new show, set to replace the Beatcroft Social from mid-August. The idea is simply that all the music is played from physical media - mostly vinyl and CD, but with the occasional cassette, shellac disc and reel-to-reel. 

It's not about the 'analogue quality so much as the fact that I chose to own - to keep - these tracks. I haven't trawled the infinite internet for downloads or streams. As such there are a few technical hiccups and fumbles. Forgive me. See what you think anyway. 

Playlist below or on facebook.com/tommorton.

 From Trembling Bells to Archie Fisher via Sam Fender and We Free Kings...

The Blue Nile   — I Love this Life

Monkees         What Are You Doing Hanging Around

Michael Marra and the Hazey Janes — Heaven’s Hound

Clive Palmer — Banjoland

Love and Money — Cheeseburger

Ray Charles  — No Letter Today

Trembling Bells — Big Nothing/Knocking on the Coffin

Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle — Take Me Home

Sam Fender — Hypersonic Missiles

AndyPratt — Resolution

Ray and Archie Fisher - Glasgow Street Songs

We Free Kings — Love is in the Air

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