Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Aberdeen boardwalk...

...or to be precise, wide and long seaside pavement of asphalt and cement. Which could soon disappear, so they're saying (see http://northtonight.grampiantv.co.uk/content/default.asp?page=s1_1_1&newsid=5174 ) thanks to global warming and big huge waves.
This, I hereby aver, would be a great pity. Though I have been gently rapped over the knuckles for saying on-air today that Aberdeen's was "the only city beach in Scotland", I still think that the glorious Aberdeen beachfront puts everything else in the suburban shade. I mean, Portobello is at Portobello; Cramond is at Cramond, Broughty Ferry is at...well, Broughty Ferry. Aberdeen beach is right there, over the links and at...Aberdeen. The harbour area is right next to it.
And in no other Scottish city can you perambulate, skateboard, rollerblade or cycle for miles along the cementway, asphaltwalk or whatever you care to call it, with waves on one side and the city skyline on the other. Not to mention the availability of great greasy spoon food and a year-round, Coney-Island style fairground.
The less said about the hideous cinema development the better. It's an absolute disgrace that this was ever permitted, and on publicly-owned linksland too.
Anyway, the beach could disappear if they don't get their groines sorted out. Which sounds nasty, and probably is.

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