Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Shetland Folk Festival flashbacks...

Phew, it's all over. Well, apart from tonight's trip sooth aboard the ferry for those visiting artistes who have survived with their sea legs intact.
I'm already in Aberdeen (where I worked out overnight that I've stayed in over 20 different hotels in the past five years)but the flashbacks from the festival just keep on coming. Particular highlights for me were, obviously, playing for the first time in 17 years (David, James and Andrew did wonderfully well as part of Johnnie and the Notions) at Tingwall; Tom Ball and Kenny Sultan's stunning and hilarious approach to the blues; Wrygrass's display of local instrumental brilliance and the truly amazing shoes of Elena James. Her music, and her band The Continental Two, was pretty wonderful too.
Inspiring stuff. Just to remind you that The Tom Morton Two have a CD which you can buy HERE. As well as in the following fine establishments: The Hillswick Shop, The Ollaberry Shop, Clive's, The Brae Garage, the Brae Stores and Tangwick Haa. At £7.99, it's a steal!

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