Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where's Shetland?

I would truly and honestly like to apologise to the operator and supervisor at the Scottish Ambulance Service in Inverness, at whom I have just shouted angrily. But good grief, if sending emergency ambulances out to parts of Shetland is your job, some basic knowledge of the islands' geography might be a good idea. And if I can find a postcode by going to 192.com, surely, dear hearts, you can too.


sperrman said...

hi tom
aye but when you were speakin tae the ambulance service in inverness was the operator actually anywhere near inverness ? you might have been speakin tae somebody in bodmin or bellshill ,bloody labour government again

Half_Fool said...

or Bombay!

Bloody Adam Smith with his 'Wealth of Nations', with trade specialisation notions, leading to that Free Market economy then that globalisation thingy.

I for one, enjoyed the old 192. Used that many times when you could still find a phone box.

Tom Morton said...

But those ambulance folk are definitely in Inverness. Can't mistake that Cromwellian accent.
And oh, for the days of free directory enquiries...not to mention buttons A and B...