Monday, October 09, 2006

Motorcycle Rain... the name of an old We Free Kings song, and it seems appropriate that, after publicly declaring my motorbikin' career over, it should be gloweringly, viciously, Shetlandicly soaking the day I pick up a 1980 BMW R80/7, 26 years old and only 28,500 miles on the clock.
However, Shetland weather being what it is, by the time I headed home from Lerwick at 4.00pm, it was bright and sunny, if very blustery. Conditions perfect for a very heavy, unfaired bike with a low centre of gravity. Solid as an old rock, it was. Needs a bit of cosmetic tlc, and I nearly ripped one of the panniers off putting it in the barn, but on the whole, I'm pleased. Susan isn't, though...

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Al Issner said...

Sorry, Tom, but what's an "Unfaired" bike?