Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Radiocroft in all its autumnal glory

...though in fact, over the summer this was both The Radiocroft, home of BBC Radio Scotland's Tom Morton Show (2-4 pm weekdays, Zetland Time) and The Bookcroft, officially the UK's most northerly second hand bookshop. The Bookcroft is now closed for the winter, and slowly but surely The Radiocroft is equipment is arriving all the time. Why, just the other day I installed a spring-loaded Anglepoise microphone stand...
Anyway, using the gloriously outmoded (in every respect but live remote radio broadcasting) ISDN digital phone system, also known as BT Business Highway, a lovely old AKG D202 microphone (good enough for the House of Commons, mate)an ex-Grampian TV Musicam codec (don't ask; it's a couple of black boxes), an uninterruptible power supply off eBay, loads of dodgy wiring and a tiny Alesis mixer (plus a whole heap of record decks, CD players and other stuff off eBay), this is where the world's most geographically remote national and international daily radio show comes from.


Anne Byars said...

Nothing to do with anything current, but what the heck happened to Blind Boy Flugga? He made me happy. Any reason not to bring him back?

Tom Morton said...

If you check out you should find some free-to-download examples of Blind Boy Flugga's work, alas under a pseudonym. The name 'Blind Boy Flugga' has been deemed politically incorrect, apparently.