Sunday, May 06, 2007

Vote for Pedro!

....if only life were like the wondrous Napoleon Dynamite! And if you haven't seen it, rent, buy or download immediately. All will become clear concerning the Scottish Elections.
Let me point you in the direction of the most insightful and wittiest commentary I have seen on the debacle so far: My BBC colleague Brian Taylor has a piece on the Beeb website which sets out the options and some of the controversies extremely well. And he's right about the ballot papers being cynically manipulated by the major parties.
As for my opinions? Rerun the whole damn thing, I say. And as I said at the start, vote for Pedro. Do the dance, Napoleon!


Oily Muggie said...

Totally agree with Brian Taylor's 'utterly shameful' comments regarding the recent election process. Oh, and your dog's just mosied past my window..

Anonymous said...

I'm with FiFi... except for the dog bit.