Friday, July 13, 2007

Tom's Folding Tour....and a link to that Guardian article

Last week of broadcasting before I have four weeks off, and it's a humdinger: Tom's Folding Tour (why did I suggest this?) involves five outside broadcasts, using satellite, with live music and other guests.

Thing is, I will be travelling by folding bike (the Downtube FS IX, see below) train, bus, foot and, quite possibly, hovercraft (there's an experimental hovercraft service starting next week I might be able to use. It's uh, complicated. But my carbon footprint will be low! Or small. As for the satellite van...let's not mention that.

If you fancy coming along to any of the gigs, that would be splendid. The more the merrier. Here are the dates, places and musical guests:

Monday (1400-1600) North Berwick, the Seabird Centre, with Dropkick
Tuesday, St Andrews, Church Square, with James Yorkston
Wednesday, Stonehaven, Market Square, with Esther O'Connor
Thursday, Banff, St Mary's car park, with Richard MacIntyre (ex Stereoglo)
Friday, Nairn, The Links, with The Galipaygos.

...and if you want to read Louise Tickle's Guardian profile of my working existence, it's available online here.

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Al Issner said...

Help! I'm getting worried about myself! The Guardian article is really interesting. Thanks for making it available.