Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Into the cage of light, and more boat shenanigans

This scene was actually much more impressive just before I managed to stop and take the snap. I was talking to someone the other day who has given up on landscape and seascape photography in Shetland as he's fed up with it...and it's true that living here, you do risk becoming inured to the spectacular sights around you. But surely not completely?

Meanwhile, travellers to and from Shetland by sea continue to suffer. No boat expected until this afternoon (only one running) after the Hjaltland failed to get into Aberdeen Harbour yesterday (abnormally low water in an easterly wind = no entry to (quite) big boats) and subsequently docked at Rosyth. Passengers travelling north last night had to board at Rosyth, too.

Good show yesterday, with all the talk about 'Australian English' and that continent's poisonous pests. And really enjoying the album of the week, You Heard It Here First, a compilation of the original recordings of songs made much more famous as covers. Thanks to Rocky for sending it to me.

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