Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An inconceivably glorious day in the kayak

I've already been out on the water more this April than in the whole of last summer - mainly due to the easiness of using the Bic Ouassou kayak. And the astonishing weather. This morning in Hillswick it's like summer - genuinely hot in the sunshine. It's flat calm, too.

Bruce (local blacksmith and all round expert in all things nautical) came round for a look at the Kestrel dinghy, and we managed to raise the mainsail, revealing a need for some sewing action. Still, the wee fibreglass boat is sound and this morning's post brought a restored British Seagull outboard for it. Of which much, I expect, later. Bruce also offered me the makings of a mooring, so with that it was out in the kayak for a wee bit of depth sounding.

It was also a chance to try out my new camera. Taking pictures is one of the great pleasures of being out on the sea, but I was always conscious of how easy it would be to damage a digital camera with seawater. So, off to eBay, there to obtain a Vivicam 5399 camera with 15-metre underwater case. How much? For five megapixels? Nine pounds. Not ninety. Nine. Less than 10. Ebay is a wonderful thing.

And this is the result. A picture of Hillswick I've been trying to take for years, showing the red cliffs of the Eshaness peninsula behind the village. Hillswick is basically built on a shingle spit.

When I finally beached the kayak after an hour or so, I was overcome with an unwillingness to return to dry land. Still, work calls!


norrie said...

Crikey you dont have put the postie through his paces - a whole outboard motor!

Seriously though lovely picture looks idylic. It is not quite an Industrial Estate in EK I will say that!

Paul the clock watcher said...

Looks great, got to imagine the water is still very cold though. Do you have to wear the full dry suit in case you take a spil, I've used a Kayak only a few times, and toppled every time, you're a braver man than I.

Susan said...

Tom suit is not so much dry as a bit of a damp suit.In fact it lets in so much , if you went under it would weigh you down.
Ebay £20 rejects!