Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Journey's Blend, new whisky-and-motorbikes book, now available

This is a bit of an experiment. In June, as you can read in the Journey's Blend blog, Rob Allanson (editor of Whisky Magazine) Ken Hamilton and myself completed a 1500-mile motorcycle journey around five Scottish distilleries, collecting samples and creating what we think of us 'the ultimate geographical blend'.

This was filmed for the internet TV station singlemalt tv and has now been turned into a lavishly-illustrated book, featuring written contributions from each of us (including 12,000 words of my own deathless prose).

There are only 50 bottles of the 'Journey's Blend' whisky available, in a presentation box with a signed copy of the boook. These are available only from Whisky Magazine or at the various Whisky Live festivals (including the upcoming one in Glasgow, at which the book and blend will be officially launched).

You can buy the book on its own from the magazine, or from Preview it by clicking on the link below:
By Five distilleries...


norrie said...

A series of daft questions:

Do you think the whisky would be a good place to start for a non whisky drinker or would it be for someone with a refined tatse for the stuff?

I presume the book would be interesting even if you don't drink whisky?

Will the film be on the telly?

Tom Morton said...

err...probably, at £285 a pop, best left the collectors. Best place to start with whisky, I think, is with a miniature each of Glenfiddich, Macallan, Glenfarclas, Lagavulin and Jura. And see what you think! For blends, try johnny Walker Black Label. Have some dark chocolate, coffee and possibly a cigar handy. Treat them like brandies. If they burn, add a teardrop of water.

impossible songs said...

Alternate titles?

Electra Glides in Brew?
Easy Glayva?
The Haigie Bikers?
Harley D and the Mannochmore Man?
Race with the Dimple?


Anonymous said...

what would a bottle of journeys blend be worth to a collector

Tom Morton said...

Difficult to say. It was originally £285 a bottle but I think some was sold for £150 at one point. Only 50 ever made. Bound to be worth £350 plus at auction nowadays. I'm just guessing though.

Unknown said...

what would a bottle of journeys blend be worth to a collector