Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Journey's Blend, the TV series - now online from SingleMalt TV

This is the film record of my June trip with Rob and Ken around the most northerly, southerly, westerly and easterly distilleries in Scotland. Made by The Drapers, father and son, for SingleMalt TV, I think it's rather amusing. And instructive, both about whisky and archaeology.

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Single Track said...

Just watched all 5 back to back and I must say it made for a thoroughly entertaining evening's viewing.

I really liked Rob's comment in the first programme about "hysteric (sic) Scotland" and their Urquhart Castle shenanigans.

It struck me as you all spoke (and you in particular Tom) at the very end that this could potentially do for whisky and Scotland what wine has done for France, where there is no "embarassment" or "shame" to wandering round vineyards and sampling and discussing the wares. The snobbification (!) of whisky (as you put it, for the "anal retentive ageing males") undoubtedly had done much to stifle its popularity amongst the younger drinkers.

A good job, well done. For J.B.II can I suggest creamy-based liqueurs of the world? Baileys, Kahlua, etc...?