Saturday, February 26, 2011

A glorious day in the Greater Zetlandics

Saturday morning. The sun is shining. Surely some mistake? But no, God has shown some mercy on these pagan isles, and everyone is suddenly in a good mood. To Lerwick so Martha can attend the music club and be interviewed for work as a Red Cross volunteer. Followed by lunch at the excellent and beautifully situated Hay's Dock Cafe at the Lerwick Museum. The fishing boats are the view. Or at least are in the view

Oh, and the Lewis Chessmen exhibition was on at the museum, so we had a look at that. Very good. I've been to the site on Lewis where the chessmen were found. Appropriately, it's very near the excellent Abhainn Dearg (Red Rocks) whisky distillery.

Home then, and no wasting the weather. For Marf it may have been OK to wear a wetsuit, but I was taking no chances in my Fladen flotation suit and wooly bunnet. Kayaks were fine though one had lost its bung, which had to be replaced with a winestopper from a Christmas cracker. Seriously.


Helen said...

I have very fond memories of a meal at Hay's Dock. Stunning views!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the good life to me. Visited Shetland once, for a meeting, but got a mini tour of the island, puffins, Lerwick, and a few pubs. Island looks similar to Lewis landscape, but culturally very different. Sun didn't shine during my visit, but sin agaid a.