Sunday, January 22, 2012

A glorious morning on the White Grunafirth, one of 19 Shetland Marilyns

Slightly worried about coronary thrombosis, having consumed a bit of a fry-up for breakfast, but putting my trust in statins, aspirin and beta blockers, I set off on Shetland Life business this morning, camera in hand. First a wee jaunt to Eshaness, and then the half-hour climb to the summit of the White Grunafirth above Heylor, at 173 metres one of Shetland's 19 'Marilyns', or summits with a minimum ascent on every side of at least 150 metres.

No, I don't really understand the whole Marilyn thing (Munros, yes, Corbetts, sort of) either, but Dave Hewitt of Angry Corrie fame has written a great piece for the next Shetland Life explaining all, and we needed some pictures.

I parked the car at our old house, which nestles into the slope down to Ronas Voe, and began climbing. The first 15 minutes is brutal, but after that you reach a boggy plateau and only have to cope with a gradual rise to the trig point at the top. And it was worth it. The sun came out, illuminating the splendid trout lochs up on the hill that barely anyone ever fishes: The Mill Lochs of Stovabreck ( you can still see the ancient mills) Crookna Water, Gluss Water and others. There's an unexcavated tomb, covered in massive slabs, right next to the trig point, and the views over Ronas Voe to that other Marilyn, and Shetland's highest point, Ronas Hill, were spectacular.

From one Marilyn to another: Ronas Hill from the White Grunafirth

Looking towards Eshaness and the Dore Holm

And I didn't meet another soul.


Linda Whiteford said...

Looks fabulous. Love your "hardcore" gloves!

JimmyC said...

Hmm that is timely as I'm thinking of going to the top of all of them this year.