Friday, February 03, 2012

Most scenic Tesco location, and new Shetland Life Magazine

In the shops now!

Is this the UK's most spectacularly-sited Tesco? Picture taken today at noon...

The new Shetland Life Magazine is out now!

Stoves - the return of solid fuel. Get scranning and casting!

Between Blethers: As yet another pie-in-the-sky movie idea for Shetland (third sequel to The Wicker Man) is floated (if you can float a pie, and of course you can't), Neil Riddell looks at the saga of Between Weathers, and Marsali Taylor reaces the history of Shetland on the big screen.

Zheehpz - debut of the Shetland cartoon written and drawn by one of Spain's top cartoonists, now resident in the isles

The Shetland Marilyns - hillwalking agogo amid the Zetlandic peaks

Cars, gardening, travel, music and more. Just £2.30 from a shop either near or very far from you...

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