Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some snapshots from Glusstonberry - and it's live on the net now!

...It's Saturday evening, and I'm home preparing for my radio show after a day at Shetland's first open air music festival, Glusstonberry. Which has proved today that no-one can organise a party like Northmavine folk.

And it's online live! Well done to Andy, Iain and all the team for getting the live stream from the Knowes (main) stage up and running despite some scary moments earlier on. And how good does it look?

Congratulations to all involved. The logistical issues were enormous, but so far, and with the help of some fantastic weather, things have gone brilliantly. The food has been magnificent, the setting is wonderful, the music a stunning illustration of what makes Shetland such a magical place, culturally.

Here's a few wee snaps:
Helly by da Sea open the Fitchens Stage


Toni Sidgwick

A packed Fitchens for Steven Robertson

View of the site from the top of the campsite, about 7.00pm

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