Sunday, August 21, 2016

The latest live-from-Lerwick Beatcroft Social on 60N Radio now streaming and with a Spotify playlist

This is the ninth two-hour Beatcroft Social show broadcast on the 60 North platform from Promote Shetland's Market Street studios. It goes out live every Saturday between 8.00pm and 10.00pm UK time - just go to and either click on the ZE3 Radio button or watch the webcams and listen to the show as soundtrack

We also have a live video feed from the studio itself and from the studio windows over Lerwick Harbour. We can wave, and we can, uh, watch the waves in the Sound of Bressay.

Anyway, here's the music and chat. We have Wilco, Ed Harcourt, Eilen Jewel, The Faces, and a glorious (I think) look at the world of John Fahey and the Takoma record label. Also some wondrous soul from Bill Withers, Al Green and Van Morrison. Travel journalist Bartho Henriksen from the Netherlands came in for a natter too. I made a lot of mistakes in cueing up the music - it had been a tiring day - and had a coughing fit. But that's live broadcasting I guess...

And the Spotify playist link is here

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