Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beatcroft Social on 60 North Radio - audio from 10 September plus Spotify playlist

Well, we had a few sonic and technical (sonically technical, technically sonic) issues with Saturday's live show on Facebook, and the fact is that it's early days for Facebook as a platform for music, as they haven't made any effort to sort out a licensing deal and so just randomly take down shows like The Beatcroft Social DESPITE all our efforts to get every conceivable licence we can get hold of for what we do at 60 North.

Nor that the licensing authorities make it easy. Still operating in an early 20th Century world of sheet music and records, they really need to up their game and sort things out for online playing of music. Mind you, Facebook will have bite several bullets, including coming up with payment for MCPS, PPL and their international equivalents. And yes, probably charging. They should look at Mixcloud, who make this work.

Anyway, the show is on Mixcloud here

And the Spotify playlist follows, with several changes, a different order and some extra songs!

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