Friday, October 30, 2020

Maybe, Definitely (Things Donald John Really Said)

Maybe Definitely: Things Donald John really said

Why would Kim Jong call me old  like that?

I would never say he was short and fat

I try so hard to be his friend

Maybe someday that will happen again

If you want a reason why I should have your vote 

We got bigger houses and nicer boats

They say they’re special they say they’re elite

But we got bigger brains and we do longer tweets 

I’m a very stable genius

I’m a TV star

Smarter than  Obama or  Lincoln by far

I grab woman by the pussy because I’m so adored 

Gotta not fall over like Gerald Ford


I declared a national emergency. Possibly.

Maybe definitely 

I’m more than clever and my hands are huge

The least racist person you ever interviewed

I like African Americans they like  me back

Got a caddy in Miami and I’m sure he’s black

I love you Stormy

I love you Vladimir

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