Monday, January 08, 2007

Glasgow in much dreichness

Grey and wet, as per usual. Managed to get here in the dubious Ford Maverick, no trouble so far except for what sounds like a small hole in the middle silencer. I am so sick of bad cars. That is the last time I buy anything vehicular on eBay.
I'm 51 years old and it seems I've spent all my driving life listening out for strange drivetrain noises in dodgy second-hand cars with bad resprays...or just waiting for them to break. The wee Citroen C2 GT I leased has, on the other hand, been very good, and opting for a full-maintenance-and-tyres contract has proved cost effective. The peerie pocket rocket uses tyres like paper hankies.
Magnus is safely re-installed in his flat. Bizarrely, as we drove into Mingarry Street on our way to Beanscene for lunch, I came close to running over our friends Ian Begg and Ruth Fiskin, well away from their more everyday patch of Plockton. Said hello and cheerio, with a promise to meet up in Shetland. The same day, I met singer-songwriter Yvonne Lyon and her husband in IKEA. Small country, large shop!
Swithered about having the Maverick exhaust repaired/replaced, but have decided to hot foot it for Aberdeen tomorrow and decide there, depending on how noisy it is. There are various people back in Shetland who want to buy the beast (seven seats, diesel, towbar, new tyres) and I'm not in the mood for spending money on it.
....and speaking of not spending money...£25 a skull plus booking fee for restricted view seats of Ricky Gervais tonight at the Royal Concert Hall? I don't think so!

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IAIN MACK said...

hmm... sounds like any car I buy.