Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome to Bobland!

Lines on the occasion of Mr Bob Dylan buying a house in Nethybridge...

I was living in a caravan in Aviemore
With a rescue greyhound called Joe
And a Polish girl called Perdita
In the first of the winter snows
And the condensation fell like rain
Even the dog wore a plastic suit
Perdita went back to Krakow
She was suffering from trenchfoot

I was working for the Forestry Commission
Looking after their Christmas trees
Until a carbon monoxide problem
Affected Joe worse than me
I buried him out at Nethybridge
In a plantation that we’d cleared for spring
When this little guy came up to the graveside
And he began to sort of sing

He sang
Don’t think twice Joe it’s all right
There’s an endless highway and it's calling you tonight
If dogs run free, go now if you gotta go
If you see Davey Moore say I said hello

The stranger took me to his house
He said his name was Bob
It had 37 en suite bedrooms
And he offered me a job
He said I believe a hard rain's gonna fall
You could live here - it’s safe and warm
I said as long as you don’t use Calor gas
I could shelter from the storm


Perdita came back from Poland
and now she cooks for Bob and me
We bought three Lhaso Apsos
Called Lily, Jack and Rosemary
Bob's just bought Boat of Garten
Because Kingussie was a wee bit dull
He says he’s going to call it Bobland
And charge 25 quid per skull



Jeremy said...

very out for him at Up Helly Ya, he's been known to have the right sort of beard for it.
Jeremy, Tokyo.

Gordon McKinlay said...

My daughter lives next door in Nethy. We're going up for a visit next weekend - I wonder if we'll see him.

You are right about "Shot of Love" :-)

Ian Chalmers said...

Hi Tom, Are you the Tom Morton formerly of Troon?

Ian Chalmers (formerly of Troon, New Year's Eve, overcome by nosdtalgia , whisky etc.)