Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sad news

Terribly saddened to hear late last night about the death of Harry Horse (Richard Horne) and his wife Mandy. All day I'd been wondering about the identity of the couple found dead in Shetland. Devastating to find it's people you know and admire so much.
It's all over the papers, as I suspected it might be. David Ross's careful and sympathetic piece in the Herald is the best source of information. Surprised and horrified by the approach of The Scotsman - The Record's straightforward approach is a lot more responsible and less sensationalist. One of those days I'm glad not to be a journalist.
Heartfelt sympathy and prayers for those left behind.


Richard Moore said...

Hi Tom,

I was terribly saddened by the news last night about Mandy and Richard. I bumped into "Horse" in (ironically) Harrys Toy Shop in Commercial St, Lerwick, when I was up visiting family last year. I knew him from way back in the late 80's when he was with Swamptrash and I was working in a restaurant in Victoria Street, Edinburgh (Lilligs). Harry was a regular there and used to spend a great deal of time sitting and drawing and we used to keep him going on pots of tea. One of the owners of the restaurant , Kenny MacDonald, went on to become the manager of The Proclaimers and Harry used to come along and support them at their very early gigs in pubs like Nicky Tams (long gone). Horse was an inspiring and charismatic individual and the world will be a far less colourful place without him. I remember being impressed by the fabulous Salvador Dali moustache he was sporting when I met him last. He seemed in very good spirits, but was clearly concerned about Mandy. Harry was a very kind and thoughtful man who clearly cared deeply for Mandy.
Our thoughts are with their families at this difficult time.

Richard Moore, Lauder, Scottish Borders.

Richard Moore said...
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Tom Morton said...

Thanks Richard.
Very happy memories of seeing Swamptrash in, of all places, the Northern Lights in Brae.

CyclingEdinburgh said...

Very sad and yet..

presume they discussed it and agreed.

Thanks for warning me off the Scotsman piece

I first met Richard (he still was) about 1980. We met periodically, randomly. About ten years ago he appeared in my street - they were living in a flat almost opposite!

Last met them in June, a day drinking outside Montepelier's and touring the Art College.

As well as his art and his writing he was the greatest tale teller.

He once told John Gibson (Evening News showbiz man) that he was from Texas (with suitable accent) and was the manager of a band that had come all the way just to do a gig in Edinburgh.

A nice big story appeared complete with photo of those good ol' boys from the deep south of Embra - Swamptrash!

Then there was the time he got us into the Usher Hall to see Kate Bush. Not 'cos we wanted to see KB, but because we wanted piss off someone who had paid good money for a sold out concert.

Richard claimed he could get in for nothing - AND made it happen.

How? He persuaded the man on the stage door that he had been commissioned by PRIVATE EYE(!) to do an illustration.....

A truly unique person and a wonderful couple.

Sad but you have to respect his/their decision.

Chris Hill

Richard Moore said...

The story about the Kate Bush concert reminded me of what a marvellous blagger Richard was. His big break in political cartooning - a drawing in the Scotsman (if memory serves)- was a classic example. He couldn't get past the doorman to show his drawings to the editor, so he telephoned the front desk of the Scotsman impersonating the editor or the proprietor (can't remember which) saying that there was a fabulous young chap with an appointment. It worked! A very Harry Horse story.