Monday, February 12, 2007

Aberdeen again and a bad Bangladeshi fish

Bumpy flight into Castle Greyskull but it could have been worse. We could have crashed, for example. Or disappeared into the Orkney Triangle.
Very peculiar meal in Cinnamon, reputedly the city's best Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi restaurant. Ordered Bangladeshi fish curry as this is one of Europe's top fishing ports. If you can't get fresh fish in Aberdeen...
But it wasn't fresh. It was a steak of frozen fish which, the waiter assured me, I wouldn't recognise as it was 'Indian'. Or possibly Bangladeshi. He was right. I didn't recognise it. As fish. A rubbish, pretentious, very expensive meal.
To Inverness tomorrow, after the show, in a hired Vauxhall which has done all of 10 miles. Soon fix that!

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