Friday, February 09, 2007

Three days of glorious snowiness

Since the first snow fell in the early hours of Wednesday (or was it Tuesday? I have entered a dream-like Narnian state) the weather has essentially been bright, crisp, cold and sunny. Shetland at its most beautiful. The word for the weekend, though is 'wind', and if it snows again, we could be in for some serious drifting. As I'm booked on the morning flight to Aberdeen on Sunday, there to meet my South African friend Daniel and begin a week of visiting whisky distilleries and general misbehaviour, I am slightly concerned. Unlike the St Bernards, Lulu and Lucy, who appear to think they have regressed to their Alpine origins, and are refusing to come inside.

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mirk said...

Wonderful pix Tom!! As is usual down here in Ayrshire the snaw passed us by again... damn Gulf stream!!