Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow! Darkness!

It's the special silence you get with slow snowflakes in the darkness. And we were lucky, I suppose, on Tuesday night with the absolute lack of wind. It's classic coorie-in weather, a time for lighting the Rayburn and the open fire in the lounge, for sipping Talisker as the fragrance of burning peat fills the house, and the lights flicker threateningly with the promise of power cuts...
But here we are on Thursday, and still only a smattering of snow. It's cold, though, and the forecast is for more snow tonight. Is it childish to say I'm hoping for the 10-foot drifts we had one Christmas? At least until Sunday, when I have to fly south. A brief blizzard and a swift melting would do nicely. Just to give us a wee taste of Narnia. Only without the trees, talking or otherwise.

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