Monday, September 10, 2007

Chicken Town

Dropped in on the E4+1 edition of The Sopranos tonight, and was completely swept up and away, despite my best attempts to abandon the telly and make tea.

How frigidly cool is the music? leaving aside the Alabama (A) 3's fabulous theme, so much of it reverberates still from past series - Nils Lofgren's Black Books took on a whole new life.

But to hear John Cooper Clarke's Chicken Town...good grief. I remember him at the Apollo supporting....was it a double bill with The Void Oids and the Police, or The Cramps and Elvis Costello?

And here we are...

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Unknown said...

I agree - a particularly fine episode. Not just the music, but a whole barrage of good gags - the OJ and Scorsese ones, the cutaway to Bogdanovich-the-shrink opining on the state of the New York mob, Phil Leotardo's rant about his name, etc. Sydney Pollack as the murderer-medic also did a nice line in deadpannery.
Tom - your friend and mine Mr Perkin Warbeck thought it was Shaun Ryder at the end, not JCC - the flipside of English folk who lump all Scottish accents together and claim they can't tell one from the other.
I used to have a great gig poster of JCC from my student days circa 1980 - looking at his most Dylanesque, back-lit, with big hair. Fine thing - suspect I've lost it but must have a rummage and see if it's in a cupboard somewhere. Think he was scheduled to play at the late-lamented Fusion - I didn't go, but got the poster afterwards from the Other Record Shop on Union St.