Friday, September 28, 2007

Forget DAB, THIS is the future of radio!

This is the Logik Reciva internet wifi radio. It renders DAB utterly obsolete if you have a wireless internet connection. Basically, using a stunningly simple (just like...tuning a radio) interface, or if you prefer, knob, you can haul in every radio station that has an internet presence, INCLUDING 'listen again' wherever it lurks, plus any local or specialist 'opt outs'. You decide - 'genre' or 'location' and the next minute...

Down to around £45. Sounds AND looks good too. And yes, I paid for it myself.


Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

£45? Blimey, the price has come down. In that case it's on my Christmas present list.

Will Santa and such a radio fit down the chimney?

I love listening to radio across the globe. I also raved about it on my blog too (August 3rd) but I am limited to when I'm on line at a fixed pc. So, to be able to switch on to the rest of the world while cooking dinner, sitting in the sun, or soaking in the bath would be wonderful.

Keep up the good work.

the perpetual expatriate


David said...

I've had one of these for a year and a half now.... excellent purchase. At that time it was about £200!

Sometimes when I'm bored I just close my eyes, randomly select a country and radio station and see what it's like. 95% of the time it's rubbish, but you often get a gem.

obanclipper said...

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