Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Snaffle Bit

A fairly large amount of last night was spent in the first bar I ever really drank in, the Snaffle Bit in Sauchiehall Street. The Celtic match was watched, Guinness (normal temperature) was drunk, and fractured memories erupted of 1978 lunchtimes spent playing dominoes with the other members of staff at Project Scotland, The Voice of Scottish Construction. Lunch was three pints of beer and two double cheeseburgers in those days. Good grief.

Dinner in my favourite Glasgow Indian restaurant, Sibbo's Delhi Dabba, was excellent as ever. And the cycle back to Maryhill in the rain was....exciting.

Now it's PQ for the final time this week, an encounter with the legendary Bill Drummond about the planned No Music Day, and after the show, a whisky tasting of cheap drams (£3500 a bottle, apparently). I may just inhale.


MapmakerJenny said...

I found your site while doing a search on Scotland. What a great site! Very informative.
My husband and I are planning a Scotland Vacation in May-June of 2008.

Unknown said...

Tom I notice you emphasise the normal temperature on the Guinness. I've become rather partial to the Extra Cold variety (of course just a ploy to increase the amount of Guinness each premises has to carry)
I witnessed an enquiry from a guy in the pub one night thus: "Eh what's the difference between Guinness and Guinness Extra Cold?"