Friday, October 12, 2007

The perfect bacon roll

Sent in to the show by listener David (I Presume) Livingstone. Check that domed roll! West of Scotland industrial baking at its best! Don't know if Hellman's Mayonnaise is really a proper substitute for brown sauce, though.


hoolet said...

hi tom
aye that is a proper roll, well fired plenty o' ham hingin oot it , but of course it's a matter personal taste if it's brown or tomato sauce, ah don't know aboot the helmans

Catherine Nelson-Pollard said...

That bacon roll sure looks tempting from where I am sat (in a town in the middle of Uruguay).

The meat here is to die for, the juiciest steaks imaginable, but somehow, the bacon just isn´t the same.

No hills here either.

But the friendliest, kindest people.

Makes up for the rest.

Cal said...

Nothing like a cholesterol filled, carcinogenic, burnt roll, that's what makes we Scots great! As for the mayo, perhaps it's a case of salt and vinegar west-coast or east-coast salt and sauce on your chips.

If you are interested. On your show a wee while back you mentioned soor mulk I have reposted an article from my old blog onto my new blog for you with a pic from about 1920 of the soor mulk cairt in Kilmarnock here an update on the old horse and cairt a Model T Ford. Ah progress!

pam said...

This message really isn't concerning your bacon rolls although all your chat yesterday, re the rolls, made me hungry having only had a banana for lunch. Just to say "Happy Birthday" to Susan & hope you've arranged an exceptionally good party & bought her a very expensive pressie after airing her age to the millions of R.S. listeners!!

billy said...

Hello Tom,

Why just a bacon roll? You should try beef-ham in a well-fired morning roll with brown sauce on it with black pudding (optional). If you really want a tasty bacon roll you use Canadian maple-syrup Bacon(Tesco sells it) as there is no other tastier bacon in the world apart from Ayrshire Bacon and broon sauce.

By the way. while trying to concentrate on Thursday's edition of your show about the recipe to make the rolls I accidently opened a sachet of apple & blueberry porridge oats and emptied the contents into my teapot instead of a bowl by mistake!

Scott D. McArthur said...

On a recent trip to civilisation I was seen by my confused children buying 6 packs of square sausage - the 4 remaining packs are in my freezer next to the pan bread!

Think I might get some out for the Scotland game this weekend!

Scott (on missionary work in En - ger - land!)