Saturday, October 27, 2007

Terrible pet incidents on the radio

A million thanks to the many people who texted, phoned and emailed their tales of terrible domestic pet damage to the show on Friday. There were so many crackers - the dog that ate the central locking key fob for a hire car, costing the owner (of the dog) £85; the rabbit that ate the spines of Agatha Christie books; and Jo McCutcheon's horrendous tale of her dog's consumption of two boxes of chocolates (complete with ribbon) and the consequent and copious vomiting of dog and owners in front of astonished New Year guests. Followed by the nonchalant micturation on the mess by a visiting Alsatian.
Lovely stuff!

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Karen the Artist said...

Hi Tom

Enjoying the show. The tales of pets eating habits made me laugh.

My Labrador hasn't been too bad - socks being the worst of his favourite nibbles... although I did have to retrieve a live greenfinch from his jaws once. I'm a member of a UK lab forum and some of the things I've read about getting eaten on there (car interior, house walls/wallpaper, batteries, food complete with clingfilm, wedding ring...), makes my pup sound an angel!

Best wishes, Karen