Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Glasgow and Troon for New Year...

...and a very happy 2008!
A trip on the 30th to my old stamping grounds in Troon for a highly unusual event - curry with my two sisters, father and nearly all associated family. Fifteen of us at the Maharani in Troon. Dad's normally in Ayr, Shiona's in Brixham, Ruthie's in Strasbourg and we're in Shetland. So that's a picture to treasure.
Then it was Glasgow for Hogmanay, my 52nd birthday. Last show of the year from Pacific Quay, which looked like something out of Blade Runner as dusk fell. Some more family visitations, then it was off with Magnus and Martha to George Square to see the View and for the bells and fireworks. Rock'n'roll! The View have taken scratchy youth club urchin pop as far as it can possibly go, surely.
To friends in the west end until, good grief, 5.00am. It's Ne'erday, and we were going to go ice skating. On the other hand...

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